Water your roots, so your soul can blossom (Wild woman sisterhood)

Did not know I made my last blog this long ago.
So where to start?

Well let’s see I did some extra Hulahoop workshops like the Rock’n roll festival on my island Terschelling which was so much fun I will go again next year. After this teaching I had my holiday with Mathy in Mallorca. Bring us back please! Sunshine, sea, sand, food what do we want more? I love it and already missing summer, but if there will be some snow or ice this year I will enjoy winter too!
Oh and didn’t mentioned I have my Hoop coach certificate since this summer. So also I keep on learning because I am busy with a new teacher training for my Yoga. OH yes also I am fighting against one of my biggest fears like driving. On my pace I am taking a lessen in two weeks so not in a speed pace at all but this works for me. I even like it now! Pfiew its so long since i write my last blog that I will forget a lot of important stuff to tell. Dex is fine he is getting older and still itch sometimes but now the winter is here he is better then he was in summer.
But I am so busy with teaching, making new plans and yesterday I start my own Hoopdance indoor lessons.
So looking really forward to do this and also I am promoting Hoopdance and sell Hoops on Winterwonderland markt in Hilversum. But there will me much more so again I keep you posted and hopefully little bit earlier this time.

Of course at the end of the year we are visiting the family and friends and going to my roots Island again.
It is two months from here but already I wish you some really nice day’s with Christmas and wishing you a happy healthy New Year!

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