Working in Sunshine!

So today I was working outside! Lots of people work on their laptops every day! When I have to work on my laptop I want to find balance because I always get stuck or my eyes are tired of the screen! So like today when there is sunshine I exchange my laptop for anything that’s fun to practice with and where my body has to flow in some movement. This can be Yoga or Poy or dancing but today I choose for some hoopspinning and tug of war with the K9.  So next time when you are tired because you didn’t see any sunshine, think about this and try to find a bit of balance.

One with Nature ( video about the Workshop)

This Video and Workshop are in Dutch and it’s about learning to use Nature to be into the moment. To be calm and relax and not thinking about our problems and all things we stressed about. You will learn beginner techniques breathing, meditation and we are using our senses. When we use the tools of Nature you will quickly be aware of the moment  which feels great, and you will let go of everything. In the video I show you a little bit of what we are going to do in my workshop ONE WITH NATURE!  More info about the workshop in the button: WORKSHOPS (Dutch) on this Blog . It will be given normally in Hilversum but next week also during the OEROL festival on Terschelling. So keep an eye on my Blog and Social Media.

Have Fun and Love Nature



Yogaswing fun Vlog!

This Vlog I show you my Yogaswing fun. I have this swing two years now and I love the benefits of the swing. I not use it every day, sometimes it’s in my closet for weeks and sometimes I do it couple of weeks in a row.
And love to fly in nature, so when summer is in the air I bring this thing with me when I go outside and just enjoy being into the moment.
You can do a soft and slow Yoga routine or fitness workout or you just want to fly and hang upside down.
There are lots of benefits of doing Yoga in the Yogaswing! It’s really nice for backbends, inversions, and meditating sequences. But most important it’s fun to do!
If you are interested in Yogaswing go to products of my Blog.

See you next time! And keep flying 😉

High Heel Yoga Fun!

Today’s Vlog is all about having fun and make a workout that suits for the day. The day I made this High Heel idea of Yoga was the day I cleaned my wardrobe and looked at my high heels. I almost every day wear Yogaleggings and sport clothes and never touched my high heels. So I was in a funny mood after cleaning and I put on the High Heels and did sort of Yoga practice. The Alignment is very difficult with High heels so you must see it as fun thing to try, not like any normal Yoga lesson. Let go of the perfect Yogapose, fall down on the floor laughing and try again. Your muscles start to burn very soon so 30 minutes is enough 😉
Sometimes you need to make fun of yourself and try something different then you used to, it keeps your spirit young and let you be creative.

Have fun with your High Heel Practice!
See you next week!

Ferment! Making my own Probiotics VLOG

Why I love making my own Ferment? I did my Gaps Diet half year ago. I became very interested in making my own Ferments because it is a simple, natural and save way to make your own Probiotics and our grandparents where doing this all along, so it’s not something new. We are obsessive with all the new Superfoods and forgetting about the real foods that heal. The Probiotics you buy in stores are added with sugar, additions, with few good bacteria and are high priced.So why you don’t make it yourself? Melkkefir and Waterkefir are good to start with because it’s easy, fun and the taste is really nice. With Melkkefir you only need the Melkkefir and milk (no vegetarian milk). with Waterkefir you need Waterkefir, little bit of Bio Cane Sugar, Figs, Raisins and Lemon. Every two days you have a new Probiotic Drink, you use the Kefir again with new Milk or Water with the ingredients and you start it all over. Now I have my stuff to make my own Sauerkraut and curious to see how it taste when it’s ready. You will see this in a couple of weeks. Now I am doing this couple of months I want to make nice recipes for drinks and food so I keep you posted! I almost forgot to say that Probiotics are healthy for normal people but for people like me with Eczema it’s a must! Probiotics clean and keeping your intestines healthy!

See you next week!

ciao Cynthia

Walk and Fun Vlog!

In this Vlog you can see how difficult it is to walk Dex before he has exercised. He walks to fast and in front me, this is only because he has to much energy. When he is little more tired he listens much better and walks behind me. We also enjoyed a long walk in Nature and did some Dog games. On the way back we bring home Anne-joëlle (a friend of mine) and when Dex and I walk to our home he wants to go back for AJ. He is a German Shepherd and doesn’t like it when people go somewhere else. But we are used to this, so we walked back to our house and 2 streets farther he walks normal again.
Hope you enjoy watching! Next week another Vlog
see you then!

xxx Cyn

Canicross Vlog!

In this Vlog I try to show you what Dex and I loves the most. Canicross is running with your dog as a team. So the Dog needs to listen first before you start doing Canicross. When you say to the left or right or stop he needs to listen because he runs before you. Also you need to check your local Vet to know if your dog is able to run , and for how long. You need to be careful with Pups and Dog’s who are still growing. And if you start please take small steps first! Don’t overdo it and look at your Dog. You have to recognize the signs when your Dog don’t like it or want to stop. Then you need to stop too, because the Dog is most important. Canicross is always in Forrest or on the Beach it’s better for the paws of your Dog. If you want to run and your Dogs don’t likes this, then you have to choose a different sport and run by yourself. But if you make this game positive and not a must then most Dog’s will love it! By the way I am sorry, even with my chestharnas it’s a wobbly video.
Hopefully I find a way to make better Canicross Vlogs.

Ciao xxx

My Slowjuice hobby! Vlog 4

In this Vlog I show you my Slowjuice hobby. My Vlogs are in Dutch so I tell you something I am saying in my Vlog. I have my slowjuicer more then 2 years and I love it. Almost every day my Boyfriend and I drink this Vegetables/fruit Juice. Because it takes a bit time with cleaning the Slowjuicer (you have to clean it by hand) so I make it for two day’s. If you start with slowjuicing you probably need more fruit in it then vegetables. That’s ok but don’t drink to much juice because fruit= sugar. If you drink it once a day that’s fine or in stead of Soda. But don’t think you can drink it all day long because it’s healthy and full of fruit. When you like it you can add more vegetables and less fruit. Where I am now, I juice one piece of fruit and the rest is vegetables. There are no fibers in slowjuice so I eat some normal fruit with fibers to get my 2 somtimes 3 pieces of fruit a day. Don’t overdo it and eat a variety off vegetables. If you want more fibers and less nourishment then you make a smoothie. I show you the benefits of smoothie’s later on. In this vlog I use Pineapple and don’t use everything so what is left you can put in small bits in the freezer. When you make a smoothie you can use this frozen fruit. My Dog is a fruit lover as well so when I am juicing he sits behind me and wait for the leftovers. If you are looking for some recipe’s there are plenty on my blog!

See you next week!

Braingames for Dogs! Vlog 3

It’s a Friday without rain so I am going for the Nature walk with my dog but last sunday I was making this Vlog about braingames for your dog. Sunday it was raining all day and also it’s my relaxing day. On my relaxing day I go for a city walk and don’t go to the forrest or something like that. If we only walk in the city Dex is not getting tired because for him it’s a little boring. Then before evening we do our braingames. In this vlog I show you beginners braingames we love to do. We do a lot more braingames and tricks so another time we show some other games. Why you should do this with your dog?

1- Your dog likes to learn and use his brains
2- He is more tired after doing this than a regular walk
3- On a rainy day when you wait till it stops than you can do this games first
4- You can do some of the games inside the house when your dog has an injury and has to stay inside.
5- Your bond with your dog gets really strong

Give it a try and your dog will be happy with it. Take small steps and when you want to stop make it a positive ending with your dog. Then the next time your Dog wants to do this again. Don’t get frustrated if it’s to difficult you need a step easier if the dog is getting the game you take a step to the next level. And all games need to play short then your dogs want to do this often.

Thanks for following and next week another Vlog!


Het is Vrijdag het regent niet dus ik ga vandaag in de natuur wandelen met Dex. Maar zondag toen ik deze vlog maakte was het de hele dag aan het regenen. En het was ook mijn relax dagje. Op mijn relax dagje wil ik niet te moeilijk doen. Dan kies ik ervoor om door het dorp te lopen met Dex ipv helemaal met de fiets of lopend naar het bos of de hei te gaan. Maar als we alleen door het dorp lopen dan word Dex niet echt moe en vind hij het een beetje saai. Daarom doe ik aan het eind van de middag dan nog wat spelletjes met hem. In dit Vlogje een paar van onze beginners spelletjes die Dex leuk vind. Er zijn er nog veel meer dus die krijgen jullie nog wel een keer te zien. Maar waarom zou je dit met je hond doen?

1- Je hond vind het leuk om te leren en om zijn hersens te gebruiken
2- Je hond word er veel vermoeider van dan je gewone rondje lopen
3- Op een regenachtige dag als je wacht tot het stopt kan je deze spelletjes eerst doen.
4- Het zijn handige spelletjes ook als je hond niet naar buiten mag omdat hij/zij een blessure heeft of zoiets.
5- Je krijgt een veel sterkere band met je hond

Dus ga lekker aan de slag en je hond zal je dankbaar zijn. Doe kleine stapjes en als je wilt stoppen eindig altijd positief. Dan zal je hond volgende keer graag weer dit spelletje willen doen. Raak niet gefrustreerd als het niet lukt maar doe een stapje terug. Heeft je hond dat stapje door dan kan je het een stapje moeilijker maken. Houd alle spelletjes altijd kort, zo houd je het super leuk voor je hond.

Bedankt voor het volgen en volgende week een nieuw Vlogje!