Water your roots, so your soul can blossom (Wild woman sisterhood)

Did not know I made my last blog this long ago.
So where to start?

Well let’s see I did some extra Hulahoop workshops like the Rock’n roll festival on my island Terschelling which was so much fun I will go again next year. After this teaching I had my holiday with Mathy in Mallorca. Bring us back please! Sunshine, sea, sand, food what do we want more? I love it and already missing summer, but if there will be some snow or ice this year I will enjoy winter too!
Oh and didn’t mentioned I have my Hoop coach certificate since this summer. So also I keep on learning because I am busy with a new teacher training for my Yoga. OH yes also I am fighting against one of my biggest fears like driving. On my pace I am taking a lessen in two weeks so not in a speed pace at all but this works for me. I even like it now! Pfiew its so long since i write my last blog that I will forget a lot of important stuff to tell. Dex is fine he is getting older and still itch sometimes but now the winter is here he is better then he was in summer.
But I am so busy with teaching, making new plans and yesterday I start my own Hoopdance indoor lessons.
So looking really forward to do this and also I am promoting Hoopdance and sell Hoops on Winterwonderland markt in Hilversum. But there will me much more so again I keep you posted and hopefully little bit earlier this time.

Of course at the end of the year we are visiting the family and friends and going to my roots Island again.
It is two months from here but already I wish you some really nice day’s with Christmas and wishing you a happy healthy New Year!

Everything changes and nothing stands still. (Plato quote)

Everything changes and nothing stands still that’s how everything moves forward into the future!
And that’s why sometimes you have to choose between things or opportunities which you both like!
Today I gave my last Power Yoga class at Van Hellemond Zuid because I got the chance to teach a weekly Vinyasa Yoga at Ananda Yogacentrum starting next week! So yes I am totally happy about this and looking forward to this so much, but also I had to say goodbye to my lovely group at Van Hellemond Sport.
They came in every Saturday morning before eight oçlock and I see so much progress in them, so was little difficult to say that I am going 3 weeks ago. But Nobody said making steps forward and dealing with choices is easy! But it’s required to grow.

Another beginning for me is my hospitality job! I am working in a restaurant with lovely people so it’s not that I don’t like the job but it’s getting to busy with my teaching and work at home. So before my body starts to complain I am losing another day, from next week I only work part time in the restaurant.Two day’s left now and I like the variation between those two jobs. I am going to work there for 2 day’s and the rest I teach Yoga and Hoopdance or will be working at home.
I always have to many ideas in my head so I need this extra time for making things done. And there will be more nice plans but can’t tell you before it’s settled.
I will keep you posted again 😉


Lucky Oerol Vibes!

One week after my lovely holiday on my Island Terschelling. I landed again in Hilversum now, I always need a few day’s to feel home here when we are back from the Island.It’s a big difference between Terschelling and Hilversum so I need to adjust a little. Holiday’s are always something difference of course but when I am on my Island I feel my roots and the calmness. You only hear the sea or birds or the wind and that’s it. Even when there is ten day’s of Oerol festival it’s still peaceful. It’s a save place where you can even drink out of glass on the festival and forget your phone without something bad happens.
It’s totally normal and all my friends that come from Terschelling has the same feeling the first day’s after.
We had so much luck with ten day’s sun and almost none wind which is very special for the island.
Lot of BBQ day’s with the family and lot of festival fun during the afternoon and evening. Cycling through nature and take a swim into the sea or Hoop, Dance or doing Yoga on the beach was also part of my holiday. So yes I enjoyed it so much I now every day look at some pictures from then and then go back to work again. It’s almost impossible but hopefully next year new Oerol same weather. And the K9? Yes he had his little holiday too! Spend his time with Dogfriends and when we picked him up he was really tired. So that’s a good thing!

After my Oerol holiday I had this Yoga health festival Zeeland where I teached 3 Hoopdance workshops. Good Vibes and again the sun came in. It was really a hot day to do Hoopdance for long time but people enjoyed it.
Proud to give workshops there because it’s something new in this part of Holland and it was a huge success. So next year I hope to be there again. It was a long drive and a long sunny day but it was totally worth the drive.
Happy that my mom drove us to Zeeland and that she enjoyed the festival too.

So now I have to make some new plans for couple of weeks, lots of fun things coming up. And of course I am busy with my next Hoopdance teacher training that takes a lot of time.

Xxx Cynthia

Surya Namaskara for everyone!

Yes it’s been a while ago! I am so busy with lot of plans, classes, study and making the new website and stuff but it’s all good and I love what I am doing. I already teatched two of my One with Nature workshops where we had this amazing sunshine and even the Cow’s came by to sniffing around. And the second Hoopdance course I gave was a great success. There are fun things coming up soon but this is the story so far. The K9 is doing good and we love to walk in the beautiful forest with so much Green. But this week it’s a little harder for him because of his Atopie ( allergic for grasses and some plants) and then there is the heat. So I have to walk early or late and keep an eye on how he’s doing. And his boss is little bit the same 😉
I also have more Eczema when it’s to hot. When there is little wind or when I am moving there is no problem but I can’t lie down on the heatest moment of the day. But that’s just fine by me, I can do Hoopdance or Yoga and doing Surya Namaskara in Sunshine! Just enjoying this summer weather and salute the sun! I got so much more energy and vitamin D from this lovely sun! Hopefully I can enjoy Oerol with same kind of weather, I am really looking forward to this family/festival holiday! I missed it and really want to go to my Island! I’ll keep you posted

Wishing you the best holiday or enjoy summer in your own garden!


Happy Busy day’s!

It’s been a while ago that I write a new blog! I was quite busy last 3 weeks! I had to learn for my first aid certificate, and yes I got it! Then I was sub teaching a lot of extra Yoga classes besides my own classes. This week I had 4 Yogastudy day’s in Breda at Yogasite and then there are my working day’s in Hospitality and the making of new classes for Yoga and Hoopdance and my own practice. And then there is the HVIT (Home very important things) like my boyfriend, Dog, cleaning the house, and administration things.
Am I complaining? Nope I love it and have more energy then I ever had, and I am grateful for all those opportunities I’ve got. But let’s face it I am a human. I can’t sleep for 6 hours and then work from 7 till 12 at night day in and out. I really want to but there comes a moment your body starts to fight. And for my job the body and mind both are very important. So that’s the reason I let go of my Blogging these weeks and I will be writing when I am able to write! I had a really inspiring workshop from Tulku Lobsang about compassion and Love and learned a lot from him! So if I want to keep doing the things I like to do I need some self love and compassion and I am practicing right now 😉

Also my beautiful niece Amelie is born last week! She is so cute and hope te see her again soon! I still don’t want baby’s our self but I am going to be the most fun and favorite Aunt there is!

I finally got my futurehoop remote!

Yes I finally got my futurehoop remote! Super exiting because I had to work hard and save the money for it. But I needed to have this one 😉 Some people think I am crazy to order this expensive hoop and others think I need to have this in my hoopcollection because I have this passion, teach hoopdance and want to make nice pictures and video’s with this hoop.So I really want to try it out now, I only have to wait till the evening or till it’s dark so I need some patience! I ordered a small and light weighted ledhoop because I don’t want to think next year that I ordered the wrong hoop because it’s to big! Now I have to practice a lot with this one because it’s small and moves really fast! Different then the other hoops I have so I have to work on it!

I’l keep you posted about it but now I am going to hoop in sunshine!


Gaps update!

I promised to keep you updated about my hormone and skin problem! It’s really going better with both! I don’t want to say it’s solved because I have to see for a while how it’s going but my hormones are much better and my cycle is more balanced than it was before. It’s still not perfect yet but we are going the right way! And my skin is way better then it was. There are few day’s in my cycle that my skin is really bad so hope that’s also going to be better in future but for now I am happy with this progress. And there are more factors that makes Eczema worse like when I have more stress and have less sleep it is not helping. But with my diet I have the best control over it and my hormones are much better then before. Sunhine or sometimes some fake sun also helpes a lot! I am now doing the full Gaps diet. It would be better to do the other phases longer then it would change much quicker but with my job and active lifestyle it’s not making me happy at all so I choose to go for full Gaps now. It means I make  baby steps forward but better to handle.  Full Gaps means you can have everything of the Gaps list little bit like Paleo with some differences. Bone broth I need every day and Probiotics too! Good fats and Protein are important as well. And sometimes I even make a small cheating moment (not whole day like I did before the diet)  like Monday when we went to the movie. Normally I eat milk chocolate but because it’s to difficult for me to eat it one day and not the other day, I don’t do that anymore. But Monday I eat some gummy bears because I like the candy but It’s easy for me to eat it only on a special  day or something.

So that’s how it’s going so far!

Veluwe Weekend!





Last weekend I was spending some time with Mathy and the family on the Veluwe resort. After being busy all the time I needed some time to rest and relax a bit.  Every year we have this weekend and this time it came at the right time!  That also means I still do my personal Yoga and Hoop practice and playing around in the park or Tree’s 😉 that’s also part of relaxing. To feel free and one with Nature again . Yes I am thirty now but that doesn’t mean I have to stop playing! You grow old when you stop playing so I am not going to do that!  Some people think I am a bit crazy but little bit crazy is fine by me! I am doing my thing and hope I can inspire some people. After this weekend I am busy again and have lots of new plans coming up so I will keep you posted !

Making the active K9 tired without walking!

Yesterday and today’s weather not making really happy is it? Sometimes I go for a run with Dex if it’s like this because you get dirty anyway! So you run and go for a hot shower afterwards. But today I did a lot of exercise already and didn’t want to run again. Then we need to make the dog tired the different way! Of course we go out for a quick walk but not to the forest this time. When we are home I make him tired with some Dog brain games! There are lots of braingames you can do with your dog! For example tracking games, fetching, and counting games are nice or be creative and make your own game. Don’t  do it every day and let it be fun for the dog because if you push him to hard he will not do it again. Dex loves it and a day like today I don’t want to go outside for a long time I can make him really tired and satisfied with games.

So have fun, take a break with walking and make your Dog a tired Dog!

How Hoopdance improved my Yogapractice!

As you know I am very busy with my Hoopdance stuff! The teacher training, my own practice and also teaching.  So last saterday I had to teach at Hellemond Sport my Poweryoga class. So I was telling my students that we are going to practice setu bandha sarvangasana (brug) and for some people the urdhva dhanurasana (wiel).  And that sometimes there is no space yet in shoulders, elbows and wrist or other joints. So they have to be patient and don’t get frustrated because I have some issues with this pose too! And while I was saying this and show them my Urdhva dhanurasana I felt that I had so much more space then last time I was practicing this Pose. I came much higher and it felt really nice.  Two years ago I practiced this pose almost every day and didn’t come any further. Now I didn’t do this one for a long time, but I use  these joints a lot in Hoopdance! This means my Hoopdance practice helped my Yogapractice. How cool is that? Also it’s much easier to use the Bandha’s  for Yoga if you do a lot of Hooppractice. And the second thing to learn from this is that sometimes hard and forced practice will not bring you further and you have to let it go and maybe within some time it could still happen. And if not, that’s fine too! My Urdhva Dhanurasana can still improve and I see a lot in this picture  I want to adjust but I know it will be better in time if I be patient and enjoy this progress! I hope I will inspire you to do Yoga and Hoopdance for yourself not because the pose needs to be perfect!