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Lucky Oerol Vibes!

One week after my lovely holiday on my Island Terschelling. I landed again in Hilversum now, I always need a few day’s to feel home here when we are back from the Island.It’s a big difference between Terschelling and Hilversum so I need to adjust a little. Holiday’s are always something difference of course but when I am on my Island I feel my roots and the calmness. You only hear the sea or birds or the wind and that’s it. Even when there is ten day’s of Oerol festival it’s still peaceful. It’s a save place where you can even drink out of glass on the festival and forget your phone without something bad happens.
It’s totally normal and all my friends that come from Terschelling has the same feeling the first day’s after.
We had so much luck with ten day’s sun and almost none wind which is very special for the island.
Lot of BBQ day’s with the family and lot of festival fun during the afternoon and evening. Cycling through nature and take a swim into the sea or Hoop, Dance or doing Yoga on the beach was also part of my holiday. So yes I enjoyed it so much I now every day look at some pictures from then and then go back to work again. It’s almost impossible but hopefully next year new Oerol same weather. And the K9? Yes he had his little holiday too! Spend his time with Dogfriends and when we picked him up he was really tired. So that’s a good thing!

After my Oerol holiday I had this Yoga health festival Zeeland where I teached 3 Hoopdance workshops. Good Vibes and again the sun came in. It was really a hot day to do Hoopdance for long time but people enjoyed it.
Proud to give workshops there because it’s something new in this part of Holland and it was a huge success. So next year I hope to be there again. It was a long drive and a long sunny day but it was totally worth the drive.
Happy that my mom drove us to Zeeland and that she enjoyed the festival too.

So now I have to make some new plans for couple of weeks, lots of fun things coming up. And of course I am busy with my next Hoopdance teacher training that takes a lot of time.

Xxx Cynthia

I finally got my futurehoop remote!

Yes I finally got my futurehoop remote! Super exiting because I had to work hard and save the money for it. But I needed to have this one 😉 Some people think I am crazy to order this expensive hoop and others think I need to have this in my hoopcollection because I have this passion, teach hoopdance and want to make nice pictures and video’s with this hoop.So I really want to try it out now, I only have to wait till the evening or till it’s dark so I need some patience! I ordered a small and light weighted ledhoop because I don’t want to think next year that I ordered the wrong hoop because it’s to big! Now I have to practice a lot with this one because it’s small and moves really fast! Different then the other hoops I have so I have to work on it!

I’l keep you posted about it but now I am going to hoop in sunshine!