Surya Namaskara for everyone!

Yes it’s been a while ago! I am so busy with lot of plans, classes, study and making the new website and stuff but it’s all good and I love what I am doing. I already teatched two of my One with Nature workshops where we had this amazing sunshine and even the Cow’s came by to sniffing around. And the second Hoopdance course I gave was a great success. There are fun things coming up soon but this is the story so far. The K9 is doing good and we love to walk in the beautiful forest with so much Green. But this week it’s a little harder for him because of his Atopie ( allergic for grasses and some plants) and then there is the heat. So I have to walk early or late and keep an eye on how he’s doing. And his boss is little bit the same 😉
I also have more Eczema when it’s to hot. When there is little wind or when I am moving there is no problem but I can’t lie down on the heatest moment of the day. But that’s just fine by me, I can do Hoopdance or Yoga and doing Surya Namaskara in Sunshine! Just enjoying this summer weather and salute the sun! I got so much more energy and vitamin D from this lovely sun! Hopefully I can enjoy Oerol with same kind of weather, I am really looking forward to this family/festival holiday! I missed it and really want to go to my Island! I’ll keep you posted

Wishing you the best holiday or enjoy summer in your own garden!


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