Making the active K9 tired without walking!

Yesterday and today’s weather not making really happy is it? Sometimes I go for a run with Dex if it’s like this because you get dirty anyway! So you run and go for a hot shower afterwards. But today I did a lot of exercise already and didn’t want to run again. Then we need to make the dog tired the different way! Of course we go out for a quick walk but not to the forest this time. When we are home I make him tired with some Dog brain games! There are lots of braingames you can do with your dog! For example tracking games, fetching, and counting games are nice or be creative and make your own game. Don’t  do it every day and let it be fun for the dog because if you push him to hard he will not do it again. Dex loves it and a day like today I don’t want to go outside for a long time I can make him really tired and satisfied with games.

So have fun, take a break with walking and make your Dog a tired Dog!

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