I finally got my futurehoop remote!

Yes I finally got my futurehoop remote! Super exiting because I had to work hard and save the money for it. But I needed to have this one 😉 Some people think I am crazy to order this expensive hoop and others think I need to have this in my hoopcollection because I have this passion, teach hoopdance and want to make nice pictures and video’s with this hoop.So I really want to try it out now, I only have to wait till the evening or till it’s dark so I need some patience! I ordered a small and light weighted ledhoop because I don’t want to think next year that I ordered the wrong hoop because it’s to big! Now I have to practice a lot with this one because it’s small and moves really fast! Different then the other hoops I have so I have to work on it!

I’l keep you posted about it but now I am going to hoop in sunshine!


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