How Hoopdance improved my Yogapractice!

As you know I am very busy with my Hoopdance stuff! The teacher training, my own practice and also teaching.  So last saterday I had to teach at Hellemond Sport my Poweryoga class. So I was telling my students that we are going to practice setu bandha sarvangasana (brug) and for some people the urdhva dhanurasana (wiel).  And that sometimes there is no space yet in shoulders, elbows and wrist or other joints. So they have to be patient and don’t get frustrated because I have some issues with this pose too! And while I was saying this and show them my Urdhva dhanurasana I felt that I had so much more space then last time I was practicing this Pose. I came much higher and it felt really nice.  Two years ago I practiced this pose almost every day and didn’t come any further. Now I didn’t do this one for a long time, but I use  these joints a lot in Hoopdance! This means my Hoopdance practice helped my Yogapractice. How cool is that? Also it’s much easier to use the Bandha’s  for Yoga if you do a lot of Hooppractice. And the second thing to learn from this is that sometimes hard and forced practice will not bring you further and you have to let it go and maybe within some time it could still happen. And if not, that’s fine too! My Urdhva Dhanurasana can still improve and I see a lot in this picture  I want to adjust but I know it will be better in time if I be patient and enjoy this progress! I hope I will inspire you to do Yoga and Hoopdance for yourself not because the pose needs to be perfect!

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