Happy Busy day’s!

It’s been a while ago that I write a new blog! I was quite busy last 3 weeks! I had to learn for my first aid certificate, and yes I got it! Then I was sub teaching a lot of extra Yoga classes besides my own classes. This week I had 4 Yogastudy day’s in Breda at Yogasite and then there are my working day’s in Hospitality and the making of new classes for Yoga and Hoopdance and my own practice. And then there is the HVIT (Home very important things) like my boyfriend, Dog, cleaning the house, and administration things.
Am I complaining? Nope I love it and have more energy then I ever had, and I am grateful for all those opportunities I’ve got. But let’s face it I am a human. I can’t sleep for 6 hours and then work from 7 till 12 at night day in and out. I really want to but there comes a moment your body starts to fight. And for my job the body and mind both are very important. So that’s the reason I let go of my Blogging these weeks and I will be writing when I am able to write! I had a really inspiring workshop from Tulku Lobsang about compassion and Love and learned a lot from him! So if I want to keep doing the things I like to do I need some self love and compassion and I am practicing right now 😉

Also my beautiful niece Amelie is born last week! She is so cute and hope te see her again soon! I still don’t want baby’s our self but I am going to be the most fun and favorite Aunt there is!

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