Gaps update!

I promised to keep you updated about my hormone and skin problem! It’s really going better with both! I don’t want to say it’s solved because I have to see for a while how it’s going but my hormones are much better and my cycle is more balanced than it was before. It’s still not perfect yet but we are going the right way! And my skin is way better then it was. There are few day’s in my cycle that my skin is really bad so hope that’s also going to be better in future but for now I am happy with this progress. And there are more factors that makes Eczema worse like when I have more stress and have less sleep it is not helping. But with my diet I have the best control over it and my hormones are much better then before. Sunhine or sometimes some fake sun also helpes a lot! I am now doing the full Gaps diet. It would be better to do the other phases longer then it would change much quicker but with my job and active lifestyle it’s not making me happy at all so I choose to go for full Gaps now. It means I make  baby steps forward but better to handle.  Full Gaps means you can have everything of the Gaps list little bit like Paleo with some differences. Bone broth I need every day and Probiotics too! Good fats and Protein are important as well. And sometimes I even make a small cheating moment (not whole day like I did before the diet)  like Monday when we went to the movie. Normally I eat milk chocolate but because it’s to difficult for me to eat it one day and not the other day, I don’t do that anymore. But Monday I eat some gummy bears because I like the candy but It’s easy for me to eat it only on a special  day or something.

So that’s how it’s going so far!

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