(GAPS) How’s it going so far?

Last week I was telling in dutch how I had to start over with my Gaps Diet. Because of the leaky gut issue. Sounds scary but with Gaps you reset the whole Gut area and problems disappear! What are my problems? The hormones are out of balance what results in bad skin and Eczema! Two years ago I did the same and my skin was really soft and smooth. Then I went for a holiday and eat everything I want. Then in those two years I didn’t care so much on what I eat. Of course it was still healthy but I also eat less healthy stuff too! Because I stopped contraception and losing weight I didn’t care  so much about the extra Calories because I am a very active person . But now I am here and my skin is very dry and rough because my hormones are still a mess. I am going to a Doctor but I also made the decision to start with Gaps too! Because I think the hormone problem is also a fact of the leaky gut.  I started last week and already I can feel how my skin is changing again. I have to do it for next couple of weeks but the first two weeks are the most difficult because of the Soups! Bone broth is cleaning the whole gut area and is very healing for every person. After these two strict Soup weeks I can eat little bit more and try things from the Gaps list. It means home made Bouillon is the base and  the rest you can have is: Vegetables, Meat, Fish, Egg’s, Nuts and some fruits.  Absolutely no SUGAR, DAIRY, GRAINS and CARBS!  Later on  I need the good probiotics and Fish oil extra. So how was last week? I think I did ok! I didn’t get hungry because the soup is very nutritious  but it’s totally boring and it takes a lot time to make all this.  Also the first weeks are the heaviest because everywhere you see Chocolate or other delicious foods I really like. But I know why I am doing this and it’s going to make me feel better so it’s worth the fight! I always drink Ginger Thee but now I have to drink it a lot more because it also helps healing the leaky gut. Next week I let you know how it’s going!


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