hellemond yoga

Everything changes and nothing stands still. (Plato quote)

Everything changes and nothing stands still that’s how everything moves forward into the future!
And that’s why sometimes you have to choose between things or opportunities which you both like!
Today I gave my last Power Yoga class at Van Hellemond Zuid because I got the chance to teach a weekly Vinyasa Yoga at Ananda Yogacentrum starting next week! So yes I am totally happy about this and looking forward to this so much, but also I had to say goodbye to my lovely group at Van Hellemond Sport.
They came in every Saturday morning before eight oçlock and I see so much progress in them, so was little difficult to say that I am going 3 weeks ago. But Nobody said making steps forward and dealing with choices is easy! But it’s required to grow.

Another beginning for me is my hospitality job! I am working in a restaurant with lovely people so it’s not that I don’t like the job but it’s getting to busy with my teaching and work at home. So before my body starts to complain I am losing another day, from next week I only work part time in the restaurant.Two day’s left now and I like the variation between those two jobs. I am going to work there for 2 day’s and the rest I teach Yoga and Hoopdance or will be working at home.
I always have to many ideas in my head so I need this extra time for making things done. And there will be more nice plans but can’t tell you before it’s settled.
I will keep you posted again 😉


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