challanges on the way!

Last week I started as a entrepreneur and things are going really fast! Every baby step makes me happy but  I’ve been very busy with study’s and learning so now I am finally ready  to build my business! From January I am going to work three day’s in stead of four in Hospitality Fat Joe’s and going to teach and give workshops a lot more! I do like my job at Fat Joe’s too with my lovely colleagues but I am working to make my dream come true! Still doing study’s of course but also working on my teaching skills and giving people the experience I have had with Yoga and hoopdance! I have a lot on my mind right now but I love it because I am learning and growing! New business bank account and administration work is also part of the job now.  First Hoop workshop is already full booked so there will be a next one 18 December. Just look on my FB page! The rest you will find out in a couple of weeks I let you know! If you work hard Karma rewards!

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